How to Reach Your Goals and Set Them

Reach your goals

When you want to reach your goal, it isn’t enough to close your eyes and wish hard. Instead, you can plan for success, set your goals and plan how to reach them. You can use a few proven tools that help people achieve their goals, that can work for you, too.

  1. Choose a specific, well-defined goal.
  2. Prepare a task list of small actions that will bring you closer to your goal.
  3. Train your mind to achieve a goal with positive thinking.
  4. Share your goal with others.
  5. Ask for help from others.
  6. Work on your goal tasks every day.

Off to a Good Start – Set Your Goal

Plan to get what you want by starting with a specific, written goal. Follow these guides.

  1. Express your goal as a positive statement, rather than a negative one, and include specific, measurable results in your goal statement.
  2. It should be a goal for you, rather than for someone else.
  3. Your goal should be important, but not outside the realm of possibility.
  4. Choose goals that stir your soul. If you figure out what you really want, and ask for it, you are likely to achieve your goal.

Here are some examples of how to set and plan a worthwhile goal. Perhaps your aim is to develop 10 new customers for your company this month. Your ambition could be to start a new company. It could be a personal achievement, say, finishing a marathon. The goal might be, as President Kennedy declared, “to land on the moon within ten years.” In your case, the goal may be closer to home. Perhaps you want to increase the happiness of your family. Your objective could be to feel fulfilled, connected and joyful. Do you ask yourself what you want out of life? Deciding the direction of your life is a worthwhile goal. Stress sometimes pushes us off course. If you are moving in the wrong direction, your goal is to turn yourself around.

Aristotle said, “Become by doing.” You may not see the end of the path. You may wonder if you have it in you to accomplish it. But, with each step forward, you build your skills for the journey. Doors open. Possibilities are uncovered. You draw in new ideas. Inspiration and intuition grow stronger.

Follow Your Task List to Reach Your Goal

Prepare a list of tasks that will lead you forward toward your goal. The task list will act as a map to keep you on course. These daily tasks should be small, persistent actions. Procrastination is born out of your fear of failure. Small actions done relentlessly can lead to big results.

Train Your Mind to Achieve Your Goal

Change your thoughts and you can change your life. Now, train your mind in the direction of your goal. Let your goal become the essence of your life. Get jazzed up about it. Become positive about your success and your own worthiness. Practice positive affirmations about realizing your goal. Pledge yourself to success. Carry yourself like someone who has already achieved the goal.

Meditate on your goal. Practice relaxation techniques that free you from the nattering nabobs of negativity. Brainstorm about your goal. Take yourself out of your comfort zone by trying new things, visiting new places, making new acquaintances. Explore new possibilities. The novelty of these experiences will make you more creative and more inventive.

Develop focus. Keep your eyes on the goal. At the start, daydreaming about the goal and reading about the goal will help keep your focused. They will help you refine your goal and make it more concrete. When you feel you are stuck in a rut, reading and positive imaging will build your enthusiasm. It takes drive, resolve and passion to make big things happen.

Start thinking and acting like a successful person who has already achieved your goal. Anticipate how it will feel to be a college graduate. How will you act with the new promotion. Live the success by anticipating it. Describe yourself as that successful person. I am a published author. I am a college graduate. I am a supervisor at my company. I signed up a hundred new customers.

Reflect on your progress and how far you have come. And as you make progress, recall the breakthroughs you’ve experienced. Review the results you’ve claimed. Extend thanks to those who lent a hand along the way. Maintain your momentum without getting burnt out.

Daily Strategy

To reach your goal, there are three steps required from you every day. The steps are

  1. sharing your goal
  2. taking action
  3. and making requests

These three easy steps, repeated every day, create positive results. Cultivate a daily routine of share, request and act. Make this routine as instinctive as your morning cup of coffee. Start each day with your Daily Strategy, three steps that lead toward your goal. Devote a block of undistracted time each day to your strategy. Let nothing interfere with your progress. Harness the big power of small actions by doing your daily practice.

Daily discipline is not just a choice. It is a basket of choices and opportunities. If you loose one opportunity, renew your determination to grab onto the next one.

The butterfly effect is what happens when behaviors are extremely sensitive to initial conditions. Weather patterns, for example, are very sensitive to initial conditions. They say, tongue in cheek, that the movement of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil could be the initial cause of a tornado in Texas. Like the butterfly effect, your daily tasks of sharing, actions and requests will help you reach your goal faster.

Daily Strategy #1 – Share Your Goal

Let other people know about your goal. Each time you share your goal with others, you affirm it for yourself. It becomes easier to stay the course. When other people know your goal, they can also help make things happen. They will enjoy being part of the process. Share your goal in your emails, your conversations, with friends, with strangers.

Prepare a two-minute elevator speech about your goal. Kim’s elevator speech goes like this: “I’m Kim Smith and I am the marketing group leader for XYZ company. Our products make it possible for thousands of manufacturers to improve quality and time to market. This month, I’m going to provide these benefits for 10 new customers. Could I have your business card?

Daily Strategy #2 – Take Action To Achieve Your goal

Actions, put into practice, move you closer to your goal. Your Task List will provide many daily actions. Divide your Task List into small manageable morsels. The action can include conversations, brainstorming, problem solving, tasks and learning. Each action clarifies the goal, clears the path and takes you a step closer to the final success. The power of small actions, repeated again and again, will carry you to victory.

Daily Strategy #3 – Request Help to Reach Your Goal

Is it difficult for you to ask others for directions or help? By asking of other people, you build a team that is dedicated to your personal goal. This might be hard at first if you are a loner or if you like to be self-sufficient.

For starters, here are some examples of the help you could ask for, on the way to achieving your goal. You could request information about careers. You could request that someone attend a brainstorming meeting. You could request someone’s opinion. You could ask someone to review your progress. You could ask for suggestions. It will be very useful if you have someone to help keep you focused on the goal, to be the lighthouse for your ship. And, of course, when you make a request, you are also sharing your goal with someone else.

Requests for help reaching your goal can take many forms, like these examples. Could you look over my sales letter and suggest improvements? Can you recommend an agent for my book? Will you explain this calculus problem? Do you know of any college scholarships and grants I might be eligible for? Could you baby-sit for me while I attend a parenting seminar? Can we talk about how you accomplished this? May I have your business card? Could I email you? Would you like to collaborate with me on the report? Do you know of anyone else who would benefit from our product?

Turning Points As Your Goal Comes Closer

One day you will experience an epiphany, one of those breakthrough moments. Your energies will get revved up, as something or someone gives you an extra push along the path. A breakthrough experience dissolves your resistance to action. You no longer see yourself as a victim. You no longer feel distracted or disengaged.

For Bryan, whose goal was to lose weight, the epiphany came while he sat in the doctor’s office. After the exam, he doctor said candidly, “Well, you really are fat, aren’t you?” Bryan felt insulted. The more he thought about the insult, the angrier he got. As the result of these words, he moved forward with his plan to lose weight by diet and exercise. Whenever the going got hard, Bryan recalled the doctor’s candor and renewed his commitment to the diet. In this case, his breakthrough moment was something negative that turned into something positive, because it impelled him to action.

A breakthrough in reaching your goal may come as you start understanding yourself better. You may recognize your tendency to slack off in midstream, to tread water and watch the world go by. Another breakthrough may come when you improve your skill level and things become easier. Maybe reading this article will be your breakthrough moment. Gosh, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Can you do this, plan for, set a goal and achieve it? You know you can. You can realize your goal, because you have the tools you need, the focus and the activities. No goal is out of reach. Share your daily practices. Stay in focused action and enjoy the journey.

I hope life brings you much success. I wish you a very happy day.
—–     Surfer Sam 

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